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Blood Oxygen Meter

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This portable finger-clip blood oxygen meter is the most convenient and accurate means of quickly measuring blood oxygen saturation levels and pulse rate. Many individuals are engaging in exercise programs, yoga, nutritional programs or using special alternative health instruments that can improve blood oxygen levels. The Body Oxygen Meter gives almost instant feedback that can help you to monitor your progress. This type of feedback is extremely valuable in helping to guage the effectiveness of your program or therapy. Body Oxygen Meter works by passing a beam of red light & infrared through the fingertip. A microprocessor in the device quickly calculates the degree of absorption of light as this is related to the binding of oxygen to the hemoglobin. The Body Oxygen Meter also reads your pulse rate. This is the perfect companion to Pedometers and other monitoring devices. Makes a great gift for the fitness enthusiast and anyone interested in improving their health! A numerical calculation of blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate is displayed on an LED screen. Unit operates from 2 AAA batteries and features a low battery indicator. Weighs just 3 ounces. Accuracy is +/- 2% for the range of 80 to 99 percent saturation and +/- 3% in the range of 70 to 80 percent oxygen saturation.

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